My new favourite tan!


Okay sooo I am officially obsessed with this tan! It is the 1 hour tan mousse from the Cocoa Brown range.

A few months back I tried out the night/day tan which was a 2 in 1 instant and gradual but I really didn’t get on with this one, I found the results weren’t as dark as i’d hoped and it washed off straight away after a shower, but if that’s what you’re wanting then go for it! Last week I was out shopping and I needed a new tan and I noticed this one on offer so I though oh why not just give it a go and I am sooo happy I decided to go for it!

It comes out as a nice thick mousse and is so easy to apply it just slides on, the only thing is that it seems to sink into the skin very quickly so seriously FAST TIME rubbing this in or you will be left with streaks and patches that will be really hard to cover up! It says on the back that for different results you should leave it for different lengths of time so for example if you just want a slight glow then wash it after an hour, or for a more intense look leave for about 4. Every time I use an instant tan no matter what it says I always leave it on over night as I like to look as dark as possible!

These were my results:

This was taken after a shower the next day, on my left leg I just used one layer and on my right I used 2, you can see a difference straight away with the colours, my right leg was really dark but you can’t tell that much because of the lighting in the picture SORRY!


This tanning range is so affordable aswell, I picked this up for only £7! I will definitely be trying out more of this range!

If you have any of your own favourite tanning products comment and let me know, I love trying out new tans I think i’m a tanaholic!




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