Ultimate mascara for tiny lashes

If you’re like me and have ridiculously small natural eyelashes then you’re probably STILL trying to find a mascara that actually does what it says it will ‘maximises lashes X5’.

Well, I recently thought I would give benefit they’re real a try and omg I am never going back!! The results are soooo noticeable even if I don’t use my eyelash curlers beforehand. This mascara is well worth the money, a little goes a long way, I can just take the brush out of the tube once to cover both eyes with a good amount. Sometimes with cheap mascaras you will find it rubs off throughout the day but when applying my makeup at 7am and taking it off at 11pm it is still exactly the same – it takes a good eye makeup remover to take it off! It’s also not clumpy at all no matter how much you put on, such a winning mascara!


Sorry for the below picture not being very good but you can just how good this mascara is, when I say my eyelashes are tiny I literally mean they just stick forward there is no curve to them at all because they really are that small!


Anyone else had the same problems as me trying to find a good mascara?!

Link to the product below





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