New lip combo

Hey guys! So I haven’t yet done a post about any lip products.. there’s a first for everything!

When it comes to my lips I tend to sway more to the natural side, especially after looking back on my old 15 year old self with bright red lips (not a good look for me). I usually go straight to MAC when I want a new lip product as I adore all the shades they do and I really get on with the products.

However, after having a makeover at Urban Decay she used an amazing colour on my lips and I decided I would buy it. It is the colour ‘ex girlfriend’ from the Gwen Stefani collaboration with Urban Decay. The lipstick is £16 and the liner £14 so the price wasn’t an issue for me as I was already used to paying for MAC – but 10% student discount with UD helps!

FullSizeRender (5)


This shade is lightest of the collection, with it being a nude. It goes on sooo smooth and gives off a sheer effect it is almost like a gloss which i’m so happy with at the minute as i have quite dry lips from the winter weather so matte is just not an option. It is also very long lasting! when it comes to the liner I make sure to not only line my lips but also to fill them in as it helps the lipstick stick and last longer.


(sorry for the awful quality below, I had to use my iphones front camera which are not very great!)


Any recommendations for lip products let me know!




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