My latest makeup buys

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Well I just want to start by saying I can’t believe I haven’t done a single blog post in about 3 months I have just been so busy as i’ve started a new job and to be honest i’ve seriously been so de-motivated but I am back and feeling very positive! So end of that rant let’s get back on to my favourite topic…makeupppp!!

I have recently been purchasing quite a lot of new makeup to try out, some I haven’t included in this as I haven’t found them to be very good and I just want to talk about the good products! I find it very hard to find good drugstore products but this month i’ve found a few really good products that will be replacing my high end holy grails!

disclaimer – this could be a very long post!

There are two products i’m not going to depth in, they are the NYX highlighter which is in the shade 01 Sunbeam, this is an amazing light cream highlighter, I like to use this before a powder highlight for a stronger highlight! Also just a quick shoutout to the maybelline gel liner this is my new holy grail eyeliner it is incredible! so smooth making it easy to apply and so pigmented!

So first of all the lip products..

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I was so excited when I went to meadowhall and came across a NYX stand in boots, a few months back I picked up one of the soft matte lip creams in Newcastle and loved it so much I just needed some more! They go on so well and have amazing lasting power! I still use a lipliner before applying these, and I use this all over my lip as it helps give the product something to stick too to help make it last a lot longer.

Here are the swatches of the products, the one on the left is called Istanbul and is number 06 and the right is called Cairo and is number 16. As you can see they are extremely pigmented, this was only one swatch of each! I do prefer Cairo as it a nude colour which is my go too colour however the pink is just so pretty for the summer! also for £5.50 each can you really go wrong!

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Next is this gorgeous MAC lipstick in the shade sweet and sour, it is a cremesheen so it looks quite glossy, I think this shade would look so nice in a matte but nevertheless it’s still gorgeous and I just had to get it for the summer!

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Then my final lip product is this rimmel lip liner, I can never just wear lipstick without a liner it’s just not the same so I am always on the hunt for new shades, I desperately needed a pinky nude so I came across this in superdrug costing me £2.99, for one the price is just incredible! the product is fantastic it goes on so easily, sharpens well and is blendable! the only downside is it only comes in 5 shades 😦 the shade I have is spice and I will definitely be purchasing the others!

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Next is another rimmel product, I can’t believe how good these two rimmel products are as i’ve never rated this brand very high until now! So this product is the brow this way brow sculpting kit in dark brown. I use ABH dipbrow constantly however I ran out and needed something desperately so I picked this up not expecting a lot for it but it is amazing! the gel is such a good consistency and blends so easily, the set does come with two small brushes but I don’t use these. For only £3.99 this is a great product for people who are just starting to do their eyebrows or want to play about! The powder is also great, very easy to blend just a great affordable product!

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Okay sooo this photo does not do this product justice at all! It is a loose eyeshadow pigment by peaches and cream in the shade prin, it is a snow white glitter! it is sooo pretty on the eye, there is so much pigment to this glitter and with products like these I like to use either a glitter glue, concealer or eyelash glue! any of these products give the product something to stick too and helps make the product look a lot more intense. I am 10000% going to be ordering more of these I personally think they are a bargain at £6.95 each, although the pot looks small a little really does go a long way!

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And last but not least is my new holy grail foundation, two faced born this way! oh my god I have been after this foundation for months but was so unsure on the shade but coming across a stand in debenhams newcastle I have never been more excited of course I had to buy it! When it comes to foundation I do believe in ‘you pay for what you get’ your base makeup is so important so price isn’t an issue for me with foundation! However this foundation is only £29 which I don’t think is a lot at all for what the product does! If you read my last post on the too faced hangover primer you would have seen all the ingredients it includes: coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid. These three are amazing for your skin and the foundation even includes them all!! so both products just work so well together!

I got the shade warm beige even though I am nowhere near this dark but I always have fake tan on I cannt stand my skin looking pale!! It has such a nice golden undertones which really works well with my tan! If anyone is after this foundation I seriously recommend this it is super high coverage! AND IT HAS A PUMP!

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If you got to the end of this realllly long post then thankyou for reading! I will do some looks using these products soon so you can see exactly how they look on the skin!


All products linked below:

Maybelline eyeliner

NYX highlighter

NYX lip creams

MAC lipstick

Rimmel lip liner

Rimmel born this way eyebrow set

Peaches and cream eye pigment

Too faced foundation



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