Maybelline Brick Bronzer and Highlight duo | REVIEW

Before getting into this post I just wanted to say this product has been kindly gifted to me by HashtagBlogger who I have recently become an ambassador for and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, however all opinions are my honest and real opinion.

i received the Maybelline bronzer and highlight brick duo in the shade 001. I would usually opt for a darker shade for my bronzer however this is a perfect shade for my ‘no makeup days’ where I don’t want to look like I have makeup on but still want to bronze up my face or just want a more natural coloured bronzer.

DSC_0322 edit

I love compact products that have more than one purpose they are so handy to carry in your bag on the go to save you taking multiple different items.

The bronzer in this is such a lovely shade, I use it on top of my liquid bronzer and it intensifies the colour without looking muddy or grey like you can get with a lot of bronzers.

DSC_0331 edit

I don’t actually use the highlight as a highlighter I swirl my brush round and use it for my blusher to add a healthy colour into my face, as for my highlighter I personally like something darker and more intense however if you like a subtle glow then this would be perfect for you! The best thing about the highlight is that it is not glittery at all which I tend to find with a lot of highlight products, it gives off a lovely shimmer.

DSC_0346 edit

I would highly recommend this product, it is so affordable and you get 2 products in 1?! I would definitely rate this a strong 8/10. Go give it a try girls! X


Urban Decay -Naked Skin concealer

FullSizeRender (2)

I am really into the full contouring and highlighting shabam but I don’t really get on well with actual contouring products such as ABH contour palette as I find they’re too thick so I have been searching for concealers to use instead! I came across this Urban Decay naked skin concealer a few weeks ago and oh my god I LOVE it! I don’t use concealer to cover spots or anything I use it only for highlighting my face so I got it in the lightest shade available ‘fair neutral’ I can use this on my natural skin colour or with a tan and it looks great either way!


It comes with a spongey applicator brush which is fab HOWEVER it picks up sooo much product i’d advise wiping it off on top of the tube or you will end up wasting it on your face! It slides on so smooth it feels amazing it is very lightweight but with such a high coverage.

I tried out so many drugstore concealers but none of them do the job quite like this one! I would highly recommend this product! It is priced at £17.50 which isn’t too bad and is well worth it but if you’re a student like me you can get 10% discount – winner!

I have linked the product below!


Thanks for reading! X




Mini makeup revolution haul

If you follow my blog you will know that I am a massive lover of the brand makeup revolution and there are just soooo many products that I want to try so last week I ordered a few of these and i’m blogging about them now as i’ve had time to try them out.


Okay so first the pro illuminate, well to start with who doesn’t love a good highlighter?! isn’t it every girls favourite piece of makeup EVER! It certainly is mine. When this arrived I was in shock at how big it was! for just £4 you get sooo much product! It is also absolutely gorgeous, the colour is amazing as you can see in the image below. The product lasts alllll day aswell which is a huge bonus so no re-applying is needed!


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Next is the eye primer, I got the brighten one which was an accident (oopsy!) so it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for as I wanted the matte one but I will definitely still use it! Below is a swatch of what it looks like on the skin, some people may be worried about the fact it comes out quite dark and glittery but trust me once it’s on the eye it’s not like this once it’s all rubbed in well! I have used this a few times the past week and it does help make stick my makeup to my eye! I managed to pick this up for £1.75 in the sale and it is a bargain!


Finalllllly, the awesome metals eye foil in rose gold. I have been trying to get my hands on this product for soooo long it is always sold out when I go to buy it but it must of been a miracle it was finally in stock on the revolution website. You get a nice size pot of product,  a primer to mix and a nice tray to mix it on. This is pretty much a dupe of Stila magnificent metals foil finish but for a much more affordable price for everyone!

But sadly I have to say I wasn’t impressed by this product. It was a good job I do my eyes first or my full face would of been ruined this product went everywhere!! Also it didn’t go on my eyes that well, from all the reviews I read everyone else seems to love this product. Anyone got any tips on how I should try this again?

If anyone would recommend me different products to try that would be fab!