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Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick | REVIEW

Yes I am late to the hype with this product but it was so hard to get hold of, I managed to grab one about 3 weeks ago and like to test it for a couple of weeks before giving a true opinion.


Now, when it comes to stick foundations I am not the biggest lover, I have previously tried the Makeup Forever HD foundation stick after hearing sooo many good things about it but I absolutely hated it and with the near £30 price point it just wasn’t worth it in my eyes. But I am a big lover of Revolution makeup and at only £5 I just had to try this foundation stick.

This foundation comes in 18 shades which is amazing for the drugstore as usually there are only about 7/8 different shades? I picked up F8 which on the Superdrug website is described as being for ‘medium skin tones with yellow undertone’ I always wear fake tan so always look for a foundation with a yellow undertone rather than pink.


I have quite dry skin so was sceptical before using this as I usually tend to go for a liquid foundation that I can blend in with a sponge. I used a budding brush to blend the foundation in and then went over it with a damp sponge. I heard that this foundation was very dewy and easy to move around so it needed setting but with my skin type I very rarely set my face with a powder as my foundation never moves and I don’t want to dry out my skin even more so the first time I used it I didn’t set it and after about 6 hours it had started to go very oily and even coming off my chin.

The next time I used it I did use a setting powder but only where the foundation came away before and it lasted well but I still wasn’t overly impressed with the product. However after a couple more uses I realised how much I actually prefer it to some of my higher end foundations! Everyone needs to try this foundation and now I am excited to try the foundations from the Revolution Pro range!


You can pick up the foundation here

Any other drugstore foundations you would recommend please leave a comment! X


Makeup Revolution – Conceal and Define concealer | REVIEW

Okay so everyone and their dogs are talking about this makeup revolution conceal and define concealer at the minute, it is such a hyped product and for only £4 it is an absolute steal.

DSC_1305 EDIT.jpg

I went in to my local superdrug to pick one up and went for the shade C3, I like my under eye to be quite bright and this was the lightest one that didn’t have pink undertones however I do want to get shade C6 for when I have tanned or just want less of a bright undereye.

DSC_1152 EDIT.jpg

Of course, the same as everyone else as soon as I saw the doe foot applicator I thought of the tarte shape tape concealer but for a fraction of the price. The formula is so thick but also creamy and very blendable. I use a damp beautyblender for my concealer because I always tend to crease so don’t like too much product, I struggle to find a concealer due to this reason however the Makeup Revolution concealer is by far the best – yes I still crease but compared to other products it is very minimal.


I would recommend anyone to go and buy this concealer, it is such a bargain! I can see 2018 being a very good year for Makeup Revolution…

Mini makeup revolution haul

If you follow my blog you will know that I am a massive lover of the brand makeup revolution and there are just soooo many products that I want to try so last week I ordered a few of these and i’m blogging about them now as i’ve had time to try them out.


Okay so first the pro illuminate, well to start with who doesn’t love a good highlighter?! isn’t it every girls favourite piece of makeup EVER! It certainly is mine. When this arrived I was in shock at how big it was! for just £4 you get sooo much product! It is also absolutely gorgeous, the colour is amazing as you can see in the image below. The product lasts alllll day aswell which is a huge bonus so no re-applying is needed!


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Next is the eye primer, I got the brighten one which was an accident (oopsy!) so it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for as I wanted the matte one but I will definitely still use it! Below is a swatch of what it looks like on the skin, some people may be worried about the fact it comes out quite dark and glittery but trust me once it’s on the eye it’s not like this once it’s all rubbed in well! I have used this a few times the past week and it does help make stick my makeup to my eye! I managed to pick this up for £1.75 in the sale and it is a bargain!


Finalllllly, the awesome metals eye foil in rose gold. I have been trying to get my hands on this product for soooo long it is always sold out when I go to buy it but it must of been a miracle it was finally in stock on the revolution website. You get a nice size pot of product,  a primer to mix and a nice tray to mix it on. This is pretty much a dupe of Stila magnificent metals foil finish but for a much more affordable price for everyone!

But sadly I have to say I wasn’t impressed by this product. It was a good job I do my eyes first or my full face would of been ruined this product went everywhere!! Also it didn’t go on my eyes that well, from all the reviews I read everyone else seems to love this product. Anyone got any tips on how I should try this again?

If anyone would recommend me different products to try that would be fab!



The brand everyone is talking about – MAKEUP REVOLUTION!


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months you will be so familiar with the high street makeup brand ‘makeup revolution’ I am a fully converted believer in these products! The range starts from as little as £1 and basically everything is under £10, yes even the palettes are all cheap aswell!

I was recommended to try one of the baked highlighters for £3 and that was the moment I fell in love with the brand, it stays on all day and comes in lightweight packaging with a pretty pattern on the highlighter, you really wouldn’t know it was just £3.

I have recently just done quite a big haul and thought I would share with you some of my new favourite products.

These Salvation Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers are amazing! I tend to avoid lip products with the word ‘matte’ in them as they just make my lips look chapped etc, especially high end brand ones such as MAC. But these are just incredible, they go on so smoothly and in such a good liquid velvet form however once it has dried – which is very quickly! they have a matte look and feel but they don’t make my lips look chapped wahoo! they are honestly so worth the money, I paid £6 for 6 of them! Once they’re on there is no way you are getting them off they completely stick to your lips and last for hours.


These eyeshadow palettes are just fab! They are dupes of the naked ones and you can barely tell a difference, especially for £4 each and 12 lovely shades. These are especially good for anyone who wants the naked palettes but are put off by the prices, definitely try these out! As you can see the pigmentation is AMAZING, I really wasn’t expecting it to be this good for how cheap the product is. There are a range of shimmer and matte eyeshadows so you can easily create several different looks. You do get a nice double ended brush however I am not keen on this so would recommend buying your own. The only other negative thing about these eyeshadows is that each individual colour don’t have a name. I have included some swatches below so you can see what they’re like on the skin!

This first palette is ‘Redemption palette iconic 3’


The palette below is ‘Redemption palette iconic 2’


Lastly, is the cover and conceal palette in light-medium, this is only £8! I haven’t had a chance to try out this product yet but I am sure that I will love it. The range of colours is fantastic, I am light skinned but I got the light-medium so I can use the darker colours for my contouring. If anyone has used this and has an opinion on it feel free to leave a comment!


All of these products and more can be purchased from or your nearest superdrug store (if you’re in the UK)